Discovery Challenge

discovery-challengeDiscover the Open Road.

The aim is to compete in as many tasks as possible to achieve the best possible score for you and your team. The tasks feature a combination of cerebral and physical challenges.

The Photo Mission, The Cryptic Trail, Team Tasks, teams have their own designated car or jeep with a full set of navigational and personal safety equipment, rule books, Polaroid camera, route map, and everything they need (or are allowed to use) to complete the exploration.

Depending on the Location activities such as: Archery, Celtic Games, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Fishing and many more.

We have many routes to chose from and we can also design a route to suit you specific requirements.

Call now on 045 891100 for a full proposal and quotation.

This is also a creative way to replace boring transfers!!!

How it Works

Sign Up – We will need to choose an appropriate time for drivers to be signed up the day before at the hotel. We along with the vehicle hire supplier will set up a desk at the hotel and complete all the necessary paper work with the group. This is advised to happen the day before to avoid any potential issues which may arise. It is strongly advisable that we sign up two drivers per vehicle in the event of a no show or for any other unexpected reason. Each driver will need to present themselves along with their drivers licence.

The group will have already been assigned to each car from the day before.

• Each Qashqai will have team names and numbers attached
• Each Quashqai will contain the following
• Road maps showing route from Limerick – Dublin with the various stops along the way
• A branded roadbook, produced by Dynamic Events or the Client
• Digital camera
• Extras can include basket of refreshments and 2 way radios so teams can communicate

We will put all vehicles in the venue the day before and prepare and check each one. If you want company stickers put on we will need these the day before the event.

On the morning of the event we will staff the departure and provide mini marquees as check out points for final instructions

– Road maps showing route with the various stops along the way
– Jeep preparation and site set up
– Jeep will be fitted with team names and numbers (this does not include client sticker signage for jeeps)
– Digital Camera for each Car
– Pint pulling/Darts/Irish Coffee tasting at Irish Pub (cost of drinks extra to be paid on the day)
– Activities, Challenges, Clues, Staffing, Interactive Character, Hurling Workshop Road booklets en route

Optional Extras
– Two way radios for each jeep€12.50 per radio
– Jeep branding
– Basket of Refreshments for each car

Jeep Hire
– Model will be the Nissan Qashqai
– Delivery to start location
– Full insurance for each rental
– Additional driver for each rental
– Refueling will be extra and assessed after the event

Call now 045 891100 or email for a full proposal and quotation.

Quick Facts
Key Business Benefits
  • Planning
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Planning
Numbers 10 – 70
Location Anywhere
Approach Competitive
Duration 2-3 hours
Brochure discovery-challenge

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