“Everyone had a fantastic day” – Windfall Event at Kilruddery Estate

Today we provided a Windfall Event in Kilruddery Estate for a group of 40 people. The group broke up into their teams and were tasked with Building a Wind Propelled project out of materials we provided, the team then had to complete a series of team tasks in order to earn the funds to finance their project.

Etain Moran
Etain Moran Oxygen Care
Everyone had a fantastic day and full compliments to all your team. Our colleagues spoke very highly of their respective Dynamic Events leaders regarding their enthusiasm, helpful and fun manner. Our colleagues loved the windfall challenge and the variety of the games. There was only the sound of laughter and fun all morning long. It’s amazing how fast the time went. Their willingness to help carry and move other things not directly related to the Windfall event was very much appreciated. We were all blessed with an amazing sunny Autumnal day. Many thanks to Stephen for his prompt responses to my email queries.
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