“Everything was ran with perfection” – Great Race Event at Seafield

The great race is a series of exciting adrenaline fuelled activities guaranteed to get the heart racing and blood pumping. The series of games is held over a half day period in a round robin format with scoring attached to each game culminating in a team finale.
The Objective is to score as many points as possible while participating in a series of team games which are supervised by Dynamic Events Staff. 

The Event has 4 zones. The group is split into 8 teams of 9 people. 2 teams spend 45 minutes at each zone competing for points before moving to the next zone until all 4 zones are completed. The event will culminate in a finale with all participants taking parts in skis challenge to finish the day on a high

Gillian Downling
Gillian Downling PwC
Everyone had a fantastic day and really enjoyed the activities. Each of your team members were so helpful and good fun and everything was ran with perfection. We all had a fantastic time and thanks for making it so enjoyable. We will definitely recommend you to other departments within the firm when they are organising similar events. Thanks again and take care.