Operation Windfall

Put the wind in your sails in this brilliant team building exercise. Dig deep into your groups skill base to form Design Management teams whose ultimate aim is to design a wind propelled lifting apparatus.

Utilise your teams combined ingenuity to solve puzzles against the clock. Use you winnings to buy equipment to construct your winning machine.

You are all members of a company which has won a contract to build a new product. You will be sub divided into teams who will earn funds collectively and build separate prototype products. Finally one product will be chosen to go into production.

Exercises (4 Parts)
A. Build
B. Collection of Funds
C. Test & Award

Part A – The Building Project
Each team will be provided with a construction bay where they must build a wind propelled lifting apparatus which must lift weights one metre off the ground using equipment that will be provided. Each item of material has a cost attached.


  • You must operate a safe working area at all times
  • Your team must build their apparatus in the construction bay provided
  • Your project must be a self supporting structure
  • Only equipment provided can be used in the construction process
  • You are only charged for the equipment you use and may not go over budget
  • Your project will be tested only at the end of the event
  • Weights must touch the ground to begin with
  • Fund are not transferrable

Part B – Collection of Funds
This is a competitive event where all teams will be given an allocated time frame to earn as much money as possible in order to pay for their project. Each team will be working together over the duration of 75 minutes to complete approx 7 tasks.

Part C – Testing/Awards
On completion of the tasks the building projects will be costed and tested by a Dynamic Event Staff member. Each project will be given 1 minute of wind via an electric wind blower. Your weights must start in this ground and end up at least 1 metre in the air. Finally our examiner will measure each project for durability and reliability.

Awards: The Dynamic Events Team will chose the final project which will be put forward to go into production based on the product meeting the objectives and the strongest balance/profit.

This is an exhilarating and fun challenge which targets the full range of your teams resources as they tackle a myriad of interactive problems and tasks together.

Quick Facts
Key Business Benefits
  • Problem Solving
  • High Energy
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Negotating skills
Numbers 20 – 100
Location Anywhere
Approach Competitive
Duration 2 hours
Brochure operation-windfall
Video Event Video

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