Break Out

Race to complete a series of games and tasks  to acquire a key and break out of the challenge.

The programme is designed to bring people together, requiring them to communicate, collaborate and problem solve as a unit. It’s a thrilling way to boost morale, break out of the norm, identity and establish effective working relationships and enhance team spirit.

The challenge consists of 4 zones which must be completed within a given timeframe. Following a short briefing, teams will be shown the 4 zones and will see the ultimate prize on offer.


Each team will be given an identical challenge which when completed will release the next zone. The quicker the challenge is completed, the more time teams will have on the next, time sensitive challenge.


This is a free running task area. Teams can visit each game randomly on a first come basis. The objective of this section is to score maximum points and earn tokens for the final zone.


Having collected as many tokens as possible, your team must compete in another identical game to retrieve a key for the break out zone. The more tokens held, the easier it will be.


The first team to release the key will race to the break out zone which will release the winning team. There can only be one winner to take the spoils.

Key Business Benefits;

Problem Solving
High Energy
Strategic Thinking
Negotiating skills

Numbers: 20 – 1o0

Location: Any suitable location

Approach: Competitive

Hours Duration: 2 Hours

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