Medieval Day

High King Challenge

Step back in time to the age of medieval Ireland.

In this competitive team building event, guests must compete to be delcared High King of the land. Your group will be divided into clans such as The O’Brien’s, Kelly’s, Murphy’s. We will present a session of traditional Irish games on the lawns of the historic caslte or country estate of your choice, where clans must compete in the games to score points. This thrilling series of highly unusual games will surely engage and excite guests.

The event is highly adaptable and can be held in any venue. It can include anywhere from 10 people, making it a great active addition to any company occasion. Teams will have to work together, communicate and problem solve as a unit in order to score the most points, making it a great event for identifying effective working relationships, boosting morale and experiencing Irish medieval culture.

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Irish games include:

– Puc Fada
– Turf stacking
– Horse show throwing
– Welly throwing
– Nail banging
– Brian Boru march
– Celtic Cross
– Toss the Sheaf
– Archery

Key Business Benefits;Fun

Numbers: 20-250

Location: Hotel Grounds/Soccer Fields/Forests / Castles

Approach: Competitive/Colloborative

Hours Duration: 2-3 Hours

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Download Brochure

Download Brochure

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