Pit-Stop Challenge

Movie Making

Say hello to Hollywood.

In this creative team building event, guests will create an entertaining commercial production using the latest technology from the film and media world.

Guests can film, script and act in their own full scale commercial production. This collaborative event calls on guests to form effective teams, communicate, collaborate and generate ideas as a unit. It is an opportunity to delve into the creative world and allow guests become the actor/actress they’ve always wanted to be!  We supply full production cameras, costumes, props, a technician, acting classes and a mobile editing suite.

This is an exciting, enjoyable team building experience certain to bring people together, boost morale, break out of the norm, identify hidden talents and form effective working relationships.

Key Business Benefits;

Problem Solving
High Energy

Numbers: 20+

Location: Hotels

Approach: Competitive/Fun

Hours Duration: 2-3 Hours
+ 2hrs playback that night

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Download Brochure

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