Team Samba

A unique approach to Team Building, Group Ice-Breakers and Corporate Fun Days.

Play Samba Drums with friends and colleagues.Everyone gets involved, quickly transforming your group into an all Drumming Samba Band. A fresh, fun filled experience that makes a brilliant alternative to more traditional Team Building activitiesOn arrival, the group will be greeted by a huge display of instruments, from Big Bass Drums, Bodhráns, Shakers, to African Hand Drums and Samba Bells.Everyone then chooses an instrument and are then split into groups according to what they have chosen. At this stage we can begin to work on the desired rhythm for the chosen instruments.

We start with the Bass Drum section. Once the Bass Drummers have their parts complete, we bring in the bell, hand drum and shaker sections, until all the different groups are paying the main ‘groove’ together.
Within about 15 minutes the whole group with all their different instruments will be playing Brazilian Samba together, and it will sound great. The rest of the time is spent structuring the piece and giving it a start, middle and end. By the end of the workshop, the group will have a full Samba Drumming piece worthy of performance.

At the end of the workshop the whole group will play the whole piece from start to end. Turn the video cameras on as this will be an event worth remembering. All materials and drums are provided and our very experienced facilitators will ensure everyone plays an integral part in the overall group performance. The workshop can last from one to two hours, depending on your requirements.

Finally, no experience is needed and anybody, any age can benefit enormously from Team Samba.

The whole team is talking about how much fun it was. You really got everyone engaged despite the mix of cultures, ages and personalities and I got great feedback from the team on your interaction with them


A fantastic idea for a company of any size who are looking for something different. We have used this as part of our team build of the last


Key Business Benefits;

Problem Solving
High Energy

Numbers: 20+

Location: Hotels, etc.

Approach: Competitive/Fun

Hours Duration: 2-3 Hours

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