Money Raised for Temple Street

Dynamic Events was presented with a brief to design a unique social event in Dublin for up to 1,500 people from the foreign and indigenous tech sector with a large fundraising component. The event was to be a large scale challenging yet not completely skills based event with more emphasis on elements of fun and social competitiveness. The integration of technology was key.

Techies4TempleStreet is Ireland’s first ever charity event uniting the technology community, it’s trusted advisors and partners, to network and compete in an intellectually challenging treasure trail while making an impact to the lives of the next generation of techies. The first Techies4TempleStreet event took place on 2nd October 2015 in Dublin and has raised in excess of €200,000 for Temple Street Hospital in its first annual event.

Having listened to the brief and the objectives Dynamic Events believed that the iTreasures Smartphone Treasure Hunt concept that had been in development by Dynamic Events for the previous 2 years could be used as the foundation to making this a successful event.

Event Process
After many meetings and brainstorming sessions the event was planned across different sections with several ingredients required to make the event work

  • Source a Suitable Venue
  • Design a suitable AV plan for the room
  • Plan suitable catering needs for 1,000 people
  • Dress the room appropriately taking into account the budget.
  • Design a fun, social, tech orientated competitive treasure hunt

The smartphone treasure hunt itself was made up of three sections.

Section 1 – Twitter Challenge
Section 2 – Treasure Hunt
Section 3 – Interactive Bonus Locations to include technology such Periscope, Magic Photos, Heads Up as well as a mix of interactive traditional Team Games and interactive bonus characters.

Technology Used
• Twitter
• Periscope
• Magic Photos
• Heads Up

Pre Event

Having put the appropriate procedures in place we would talk to teams via twitter and also broadcast live periscopes for live Q & A sessions ahead of the event. This was very interactive.

The event build took from 6am on the morning right up until guests began to arrive. We needed to put the following key elements in place.

  • Stage & AV
  • Event Furniture to include 100 spandex covered pod tables
  • VIP Area complete with Geodesic Dome, LED Bar, furniture, picket fence, carpet, props and registration area
  • Event Signage
  • Fun Photo Booth

The RDS beginning to take shape ahead of Techies4TempleStreet

Posted by Dynamic Events on Friday, 2 October 2015

There's a goodie bag for each #techie so make sure you pick one up on your way into the hall today and you'll get a few little treats!!

Posted by Techies4TempleStreet on Friday, 2 October 2015

The Event.
Guests were given a schedule in advance of the event. People arrived to the RDS for 2:00pm. On arrival guests could view their tweets and photos on a 30 foot screen that we had in place. This allowed any tweet connected to the event hashtag or handle to be streamed live on the screen. This was hugely interactive. At 2:30pm Team Leaders were invited to a briefing room where we explained how the event would work and to answer any final questions. Here each team was provided with a map, booklet, pen, clipboard and selfie stick. After this the teams that had gathered in the main hall departed the RDS through a giant inflatable Archway. We even had 2 x Tuk Tuks to take the highest fundraising team on a head start ahead of the rest of the teams.

The next 2-3 hours were spent by team tweeting answers to questions, locating secret locations using periscope, solving clues and completing challenges dotted around the city.

On completion of the event the booklets were scored and winners announced. During this period guests could view their photos and videos on screen.

The event hashtag #T4TS began trending immediately in Dublin. The event itself generated over 1,500 tweets over the 2 hour period and the hashtag itself landed on over 1 million twitter timelines with an actual reach of 400,000 people

The event was a huge success raising in excess of €200,000 for Temple Street Hospital.

Some video from the event below. For more see #T4TS

Turn up the volume and enjoy our Techies perform Riverdance Simultaneously around the streets of Dublin on their way to raising €200,000 for Temple Street Hospital.
They also had a go at performing the Haka!
Some sample tweets from the event below. For more see #T4TS