Toy Factory

Build and decorate a toy for a child in need.

In this creative team building event, each guest will be equipped with paints, brushes and the required tools to build a toy. The objective for each individual will be to assemble their own toy and paint it for the children that will be receiving them. Each guest will have a set amount of time to complete the task and at the end, will write a letter to the child receiving the toy.

The event is highly adaptable and can be held in any venue, and is not weather dependent. It can include any amount of people, making it a great active addition to any company occasion. Companies usually donated the toys to charity, making this an opportunity to give something back to the world and improve someones life. This event is designed to boost team morale and be a fulfilling experience.

Key Business Benefits;

Morale boosting



Numbers: 20 – 100

Location: Any suitable location

Approach: Competitive

Hours Duration: 2 Hours

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