Who Killed Molly Malone?

In this thrilling, story driven urban adventure, teams will be tasked with solving the mysterious death of one of Dublin’s most iconic characters. Armed with iPads as their guides, teams must navigate the city to locate hotspots which will reveal pieces of the puzzle.From detective and forensic reports, to news paper and telephone recordings, to real life characters, each piece of information found moves the team closer to solving the mystery.

Teams will be working against the clock and will have to come together to strategise, solve problems and communicate if they want to be victorious. This interactive team building event is a lively way to identify and establish effective working relationships while experiencing a thrilling urban adventure as your group discover the city.

Numbers: 40-600
Location: City/Town
Approach: Competitive, Interactive, Problem Solving
Hours Duration: 3 Hours

Key Business Benefits;

Problem Solving

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