sailingSailing is rich with business parallels. It is an activity that succeeds with teamwork, communication, on-the-spot problem solving and solid leadership.

Sailing is participatory

With sailing, no one is left in the sidelines. Most non-sailors, even those who have never set foot on a boat, enjoy a good sail. Each team member can determine just how much, or how little, they want to be involved in the boat operations, no one is left out due to physical condition.

Sailing is inclusive

Let’s face it, golf isn’t a lot of fun if you are not a golfer. However with sailing, non-sailors can enjoy a voyage every bit as much as the skipper and crew.

Sailing is just plain fun

As sailors have known for millennia, it is hard not to have a big old smile on your face while on a good day out on the water with the wind in your face. Sun, wind, motion, scenery, getting in touch with how our ancestors traveled – it is all a thrill!

Sailing builds confidence

Nothing makes a person feel good like having a good adventure or mastering a new skill. Just helping to cast off, trimming the jib sheet, or even making it through a bout of seasickness can build self-esteem.

And sailing works as a powerful metaphor for business

Think about it – how many times a day do you use a term that is nautical to describe a business challenge? Seachange. Learning the ropes. Leeway. Windfall. Even slush fund was originally a sailing term!

Quick Facts
Key Business Benefits
  • Interactive
  • Team Work
  • High Energy
Numbers 10+
Location Outdoor
Approach Competitive / Fun
Duration 2 hours

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  • Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Creative Thinking