The Big Picture

Introducing The Big Picture…

Indoor team building

It is important sometimes to take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture. This specifically applies to you in your day to day business routine that occurs in any organisation.

This is an excellent fun team challenge. A coordinated team approach is necessary to produce a masterpiece within the given time frame.

Assisted by our professional artist giving tips and help all the way, you will be required to paint your own work of art. Though of course you’ll have no idea what your painting until the whole team combines their talent and the final “piece de resistance” is unveiled.

We have designed a program that will permit your team to test and demonstrate the importance of communication and co-operation by allowing them to create and paint a giant mural or masterpiece.

To be successful your team needs to work together in harmony to ensure the quality of the end product.

To begin you need to agree on a concept and image. The following criteria will inspire your choice

  • Company logo or image
  • Specific conference theme
  • An image that relates to your product or service
  • Brand image
  • Recreate a large scale version of a famous painting or landmark

The beauty of this program is that the finished product will live on as a reminder of the importance of the day and how effective teams can work well together. Previous clients have mounted their masterpiece in their offices. Others have chosen to use their masterpiece to raise money and awareness for their chosen charity by holding an auction or simply donating the product to their chosen charity or community group. Either way the work of art is guaranteed to inspire, remind and motivate people to work together long after the day of the event.

What will happen during The Big Picture?

Prior to the event the whole group will be subdivided into teams. These teams can be chosen by you or we can do this on the day.
Each team is then responsible for recreating a painting. The Dynamic Events Co coordinator will distribute pieces of an overall picture to each team member, that individual is then given the task of recreating what they see in the piece. When all team members have completed their piece all the pieces are put together to form the bigger picture.

Delegate will be equipped with paints and brushes and the required tools to recreate their masterpiece. Each delegate will also have very little information about the end product which encourages better communication and collaboration.
After each delegate has completed their piece of the jigsaw they are collected and mounted on a large 8ft x 4ft frame and hidden from view until all the pieces are in place.
At the end of the session the giant mural will be revealed

Key Benefits of The Big Picture

  • Brand Awareness
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Cross Functional Cooperation
  • Energising a Conference
  • Exploring Excellence
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Networking
  • Practical Leadership
  • Project Planning
  • Strategy Communication
  • Stimulating Creativity
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting Teams
  • Visualising the Future

Corporate Social Responsibility

The beauty about this programme is that it can be used as a vehicle to give something back to the community. Previous clients have chosen to auction their pieces at a charity event to raise money and awareness for their chosen organisation. Other clients have simply donated the painting to their local community group. It is also an ideal way to brighten up wall spaces in the corridors of the local nursing home, hospice or youth club.

Quick Facts
Key Business Benefits
  • Creative
  • Collective responsibility
  • Memorable
  • Rewarding
Numbers 20-300
Location Any Indoor
Approach Colobrative
Duration 2-3 hours
Brochure the-big-picture

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