Who Killed Molly Mallone

who-killed-molly-malloneWho killed Ireland’s favourite wench?

In Dublin’s fair city, just down by the Liffey.
The death has occurred of our Molly Malone.
Her barrow is empty, our tears they are plenty.
No more cockles, no mussels she’s died oh ho no!!

Its up to you to find the maurading murderer! Your team must comb the streets of Dublin with our investigation kit, meeting all kinds of intriguing characters, and identify Mollys assassin before the night is out.

A highly imaginative and stimulating tam event guaranteed to have everyone in tears of laugher.

Quick Facts
Key Business Benefits
  • Motivational
  • Unifying
  • Planning
  • Networking Skills
Numbers 20 – 1000
Location Dublin City Centre
Approach Competitive
Duration 2-3 hours
Brochure who-killed-molly-mallone

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