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Learn how to play in our unique National sport with Gaelic Football and Hurling. Our qualified sports persons will teach your guests the rules and techniques, setting them up for epic competitive matches.

The event is highly adaptable and can be held in any venue. It can include anywhere from 10 to 500 people, making it a great active addition to any company occasion.


Hurling: A unique Irish game.

Hurling is one of the world’s oldest field sports and has been played in some form in Ireland for over 800 years. It features in Irish folklore to illustrate the deeds of heroic mystical figures and it is chronicled as a distinct Irish pastime for at least 2,000 years. It is said that the heroes of Ireland played hurling long before Saint Patrick’s time – the game might hold the claim of being the original gaelic game, being mentioned long before football.

Gaelic Football

Again it is one of the oldest field games still played today. In essence the sport is a fast paced field game requiring skill, speed , intelligence, stamina, strength and passion. It’s a tough sport played at furious pace in which the ball can be both kicked or punched, or even, briefly, carried, in an effort to get it into or over the opposing team’s goal.

Key Business Benefits;

High Energy

Numbers: 5-500

Location: Hotels

Approach: Competitive/Fun

Hours Duration: 30 mins – 2-Hours

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