Celtic Challenge

celtic-challengeStep back in time and play the games of our ancestors. This unique Irish experience is packed full of exciting and fun challenges. Divided into teams your group will compete in all the events and will use all their talents be they brain or brawn to outwit the other teams. A cracking day our for all.

  • Horse Shoe Throwing
  • Celtic Cross
  • Puc Fada
  • Toss the Sheaf
  • Turf Stacking
  • Ropes come undone!
  • Nail Banging
  • Wheelbarrow Racing
  • Wellie Throwing
  • Brian Borus March
Quick Facts
Key Business Benefits
  • Problem Solving
  • Interactive
  • Team Work
  • High Energy
Numbers 20+
Location Sports Fields, Hotel Grounds, Farms
Approach Competitive
Duration 2-3 hours
Brochure celtic-challenge

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